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Roadmap to automation

We are in beta now with big plans for a full launch, but first, we need to do a little calibrating.

Here's what to expect from us as we automate consulting engagements from end to end.

Coming Soon

Indie Tech is getting ready to launch our beta. But first, we need to start getting the word out, developing a waitlist, and getting people on board so that we can launch and have consultants ready to go. Join our waitlist today to be notified when we launch our beta marketplace.

Market Pricing and Communications

Once we've tested out beta and gotten everyone's feedback we are going to make things easier and more transparent for everyone involved by creating communication channels to reduce the footprint of consulting firms. 

We will also be testing our pricing models so that everyone can understand the market value for the skills they need or possess. For the first time ever, you'll be able to get an idea of your fair market value.

Late Summer
Contract Management

Contracts with consulting firms, consulting firms have SOWs with clients, there are amendments, changes, and NDAs. Contracts are a huge part of the consulting lifecycle. Once we've integrated contracts, you'll be able to sign and execute your contracts in one place with the click of a button, speeding up the onboarding process. 

Project Management

After we automate your contract process we are going to give you a single source to track the deliverables that you've agreed to in your contract. We can keep  everyone on the same page improving the quality of your contracts and ensuring you have the best chance of renewals and return customers.

Full Procurement Suite

In order to fully integrate into large enterprises and to automate the deal flow from end to end, Indie Tech will be creating an entire procurement suite to help manage vendors, onboard diverse suppliers, and manage supplier risk more effectively.