Empower Your Independent Consulting Career with Indie Tech

Welcome to Indie Tech, the ultimate platform for independent consultants seeking unparalleled opportunities. Join a global market of independents and experience a unique setup where large enterprises deploy markets, placing you under the management of leading services firms. Elevate your career with seamless engagements, direct connections to enterprises, and dedicated management support.

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Key Benefits

> Global Market Access

Connect with enterprises and management services firms in a vibrant global market.

> Enterprise Deployments

Automatically become part of enterprise markets, opening doors to high-profile engagements.

> Management Services Support

Receive dedicated support from top-tier management services firms overseeing your engagements.

> Automated Engagements

Streamline your workflow with automated processes, accelerating time to engagement, invoicing, and getting paid.

> Transparent Pricing

Gain transparency in pricing, ensuring fairness and clarity in every interaction.

> Direct Communication

Communicate directly with clients for a more personalized and effective collaboration experience.

How It Works

Join a Global Market

Access a vibrant global market where independent consultants connect with leading enterprise professional services buyers.

Automatic Entry under Managed Services Firms

When the Enterprise deploys their private market, seamlessly enter under their selected managed services firms, unlocking high-profile engagements.

Interact and Transact with Clients

Engage and transact directly with clients, fostering a more personalized and effective collaboration experience.

Automated Engagement Process

Streamline your workflow with our automated engagement processes, significantly reducing time to engagement.

Transparently Track Timesheets and Performance

Utilize our transparent tracking system to monitor timesheets and performance in real-time as you deliver.