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Iterating Based Off Your Feedback

Iterating Based Off Your Feedbackmain image

When we first launched we were excited to receive positive feedback from the consultants joining the platform. Very quickly we realized one problem. They weren't filling out their profile completely.

Upon looking into this problem, we realized it was going to increase the chances of our consultants bouncing, so we came up with a solution: Resume parsing.

With IndieTech’s Parse my Resume feature, we acknowledged these concerns to help you create your profile with all your skills, work sectors, experiences, and education in one place. It allows hiring managers to find all relevant qualifications, going beyond what is on your resume.

Parsing can be done in a few easy steps:

On your LinkedIn profile page, download your profile as a PDF with all your completed information such as experiences, skills, and education.


After downloading your profile as a PDF, you can upload it to IndieTech's platform without having to manually update all your information again. All information is translated in this one step without any hassles.


Even after uploading your profile, at each stage of profile completion, you have control over what you want your profile to appear as. This includes your basic information, experiences, education, certifications as well as skills and work sectors.


If you already created your profile on IndieTech, you can still parse your resume by going to your profile and choosing Update Profile and Parse Resume. This saves you time and helps Hiring Managers stay updated with your relevant skills and experience.


IndieTech’s resume parsing feature gives you the flexibility to show what you want Hiring Managers to see and provides a better understanding of what your services are worth. The chance to show your diverse experience and skillset helps you differentiate from other consultants in the marketplace and helps Hiring Managers find the perfect consultant for their engagement.